GIF Chair

The GIF Chair brings together a team of Avignon-based researchers specializing in quantitative approaches to land and real estate markets and socio-economic partners keen to contribute to scientific research.

The aim of the Chair is to :

  • Pool scientific, expert and institutional knowledge on land and property markets
  • Forge long-term partnerships between researchers and professionals (associations, private and public) in the sector
  • Decompartmentalize research into land and real estate markets.
GIF Chair - Geodata for Real Estate Research

The GIF Chair aims to meet the major challenges of the future for local and regional authorities :

  • By deploying major resources to understand the social, economic and environmental economic and environmental changes linked to the residential dynamics
  • By measuring socio-economic inequalities generated by land and real estate markets on a detailed territorial scale
  • By seeking compatibility between the functioning of land and real estate markets and sustainable regional development models

Founding members


Institutional partners