[Event] Joint symposium with UGoveRN | 13-14 May 2024

On the 13th and  the 14th of May, we hosted colleagues from the Universities of Amsterdam and Groningen, members of the UGoveRN network, to discuss the interactions between property markets and urban planning.

The first day was dedicated to the presentation of our recent works. The UGoverN team presented their impressive work on the Amsterdam case, while we presented our findings on the French situation. On the second day we had a field trip. We went to specific places in Avignon to talk about the current urban issues facing the city: inequalities, urban renewal, touristification, infrastructure projects. In the afternoon we brainstormed about future projects and about joining the UGoverN network.

Thanks a lot to  Tuna Tasan-Kok, Sara Özogul, Anna Hug, Andre Legarza and Nagwa Kady for coming to us in Avignon. Thank you also to Pierre Le Brun the organisation of this two day workshop!

More info on the UGoveRN website.